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Founded by a trio of former private equity professionals, Profitability Partners is a firm providing fractional CFO and accounting services to small to medium sized businesses looking to optimize their financial management and drive growth. Since inception, we have successfully served over 35 companies and have a collective 50+ years of experience across finance and operations. Throughout their careers, our principals have executed more than $2.5 billion in M&A transactions, and supporting them, are CPAs with experience from KPMG, PWC, Deutsche Bank, and MUFG.

The Problem

In the small to medium-sized business space, there's a major problem: a lack of skills and tools necessary to implement radical changes within a business successfully and guide it to success. When looking at the financial services market in this space, all of the talent comes in the form of either former accountants, who prepare hundreds of books a year but aren’t able to tell you the actions needed to hit your goals nor the “So What?” of the numbers you see each month, or controllers who know how to pay your bills and run payroll but don’t have the experience to work as an executive and thought leader alongside you. The lack of the right type of experience can lead to disastrous consequences including: misinterpretation of business results leading to bad decision making, stagnation of business growth, significant unexpected declines in profitability, and lost potential earnings.

The Solution

Profitability Partners was created with the intention of filling this gap within the market. Coming from private equity, an industry developed around buying, analyzing, improving, and selling large and complicated businesses, we used tools, analysis, experience, and expertise that simply do not exist in the small business space. Wall Street only hires the best – at the most junior levels young analyst are paid $300,000+ annually, and, with these tools, Wall Street investors make hundreds of millions of dollars per investment by doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the value of companies they acquire across numerous industries. Previously inaccessible to the common business owner, Profitability Partners is bringing this high-flying Wall Street expertise and experience down to the small to medium-sized business space. Below is a list of clients we are working with.

Our services

We believe that a personalized approach is key to delivering exceptional results. That's why we take the time to understand your unique needs and work closely with you to create a custom service that exceeds your expectations.


Deliver meaningful and Insightful Monthly Financials to Improve Decision Making

- Monthly Accrual Financial Statements: Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements prepared an accrual basis to better reflect economic activity for the reporting period.

- Key Account Reconciliations: Confirming that bank and credit card statements match key third party balances sources to ensure financials present an accurate reflection of business performance.

- Controller Activities Support: Accounts payable and accounts receivable management, payroll management, invoicing and other back office tasks as offered as needed, allowing owners to focus on growing their businesses.


Develop a strategic plan to drive growth and achieve financial goals.

- Financial Model and Budget: Forward looking projections to provide detailed plans for businesses to meet their goals.

- Monthly Financial Reports: Report combining financial statements and model projections with key performance indicators to provide insight into business operations, beyond just the financials.

- Board Package and Board Meeting Preparation: Board reporting materials which can be shared with major stakeholders who operate outside of the day to day of the business such as investors, advisors, and other third parties. Strategic guidance on positioning the current state of the business and executive preparation to address difficult board meeting questions.

- Strategic Advisory: Advice on key financial decisions and how to best position the company to help owners achieve their goals.


Access capital markets expertise and support to secure funding and grow your business.

- Capital raising strategies
- Debt and equity financing options analysis
- Preparation of pitch materials
- Preparation of investor presentations
- Negotiations with investors and lenders
- Due diligence support
- Post-investment monitoring and reporting

Radical Change Experts

We are not your typical accountants, and we are not for every business. We only work with clients in very specific situations where we believe we can add a lot of value. These types of owners care about their business, are looking to make a radical change, and face a unique set of problems that they are looking to solve:

  • Experiencing rapid growth and need a copilot to continue to manage and accelerate the process

  • Facing stagnation within the business and having desire to take their business to the next level

  • Looking to improve their margins and want to make radical changes within the company

  • Wanting to sell in the near or mid-term, and take advantage of low hanging fruit and value maximization initiatives prior to the sale – before the buyer gets that upside

  • Having a critical need to make sure that they have the right accounting or data within the business to have a solid foundation – allowing them to feel comfortable enough to take aggressive business action

  • Are in critical decline and need to execute a turnaround

Proven track record

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"Profitability Partner's work allowed us to focus on the analytics of our loan origination business and capital raising efforts. We were particularly impressed with the working capital management policies that were instituted to optimally draw on our senior credit facility and the preparation of monthly business review presentations. They also led the company's 2021 and 2022 audit with an accredited institution to satisfy shareholder, board of directors, creditor, and other external stakeholder requirements. We highly recommend the services they provide."

Jack Markwalter, CEO


"When Immertec was facing a cash crunch, we knew we needed to secure funding. But raising capital is no simple task. There's a mountain of work behind the scenes, from initial discussions to the nitty-gritty of legal documents. Profitability Partners was a game-changer for us. They didn't just offer up a strategy; they rolled up their sleeves and got into the trenches with us. They pointed out the value in our hard assets and suggested we use them as security. Their idea to add a convertible note to the mix made the investment proposition more appealing to potential investors and allowed us to quickly raise funds within a period of only several weeks. But what really stood out was how they navigated the fundraising maze. They were with us every step of the way, from preparing for due diligence to sorting out the exhaustive legal work. And when it came time to close the deal, they made sure we were set up for success”

Erik Maltais, CEO


As the owner of Noor, I've always been committed to excellence, but our financial challenges were becoming clear obstacles. Our cash flow was erratic, and despite every effort, our margins hovered around a mere 5%. An exit within the next 12 months was on my mind, but with these figures, I was apprehensive about the potential sale value. That’s where Profitability Partners made the difference. Their team moved beyond generic advice. They delved deep, grasping Noor’s unique business intricacies. Armed with their expertise, we devised strategies that not only showed us away to potentially boost margins to 15-20% but also brought stability to our cash flow. But what stood out most was their guidance on the sale process. They helped me see how to best position Noor for a favorable exit, ensuring each step we took maximized our potential value. With their help, we optimized the limited time we have to pursue the low hanging fruit available and strategically positioning Noor for an exit”


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Meet our team

With several decades of collective experience, our team of experienced financial experts has a proven track record of success in delivering results for our clients. Partner with us to streamline your finances and reach new heights of success.


Ilirian Ameti


Raymond Gong


Matthew Mooney

Julius Jan C

Julius Jan C. Gonzales


Jennifer Vino-Oquingan


Andy Zupsic

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Redefine what is possible for your business and take action towards achieving your entrepreneurial vision. Our selective partnership model ensures that we are more than advisors; we are collaborators in your success, dedicated to achieving your goals and the extraordinary.

If you are a business owner and fall within any of those categories or are facing a critical financial need and working with us is interesting to you, I invite you to click the button below to book a meeting with a senior partner.